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Mysterious, endearing, affectionate yet very independent, the cat is present in many homes around the world. This little amazing and beautiful feline belongs to the Felidae family and remains one the favorite pets across the world. Over time, the cat has even become one of man’s best friends. In addition to hugs and soft purrs, it is clear that the cats in our lives do us a world of good in helping to boost our resilience and promoting health and wellness. It’s no longer a secret that having a cat makes you happy, but its benefits for humans go far beyond that. This faithful companion helps us fight stress and anxiety, boosts our heart rate and helps in lowering blood stress, helps fight against loneliness and emotional lack. The cat soothes us and considerably improves our life. It is for all these reasons that at MAURICE we have decided to put the cat at the heart of our concerns because it deserves the best.

Environmentally planet friendly cat collars

MAURICE is an environmentally planet friendly and chic French brand specialized in luxury leather goods for pets, particularly in the creation and manufacturing of accessories for cats but also for dogs. The MAURICE brand designs, develops and manufactures luxury collars for cats in order to highlight this full and important member of the family. All of our leather collars for cats are handmade in France. We favor quality over quantity, each cat collar is unique and made in small quantities locally in the Sarthe department in France.

Like all products manufactured by the MAURICE brand, luxury collars for cats are made from materials that respect the environment and the animal. We only select recycled leathers from the food industry and upcycled leathers to which we like to offer a new life. Our luxury collars are eco-responsible and chic collars for cats made from carefully selected premium leathers and without any toxic chemicals in contact with the coat of the cat. This aspect is very important at MAURICE. We line each collar with vegetable-tanned leather for the well-being and health of each cat. Vegetable-tanned leather is known for its hypoallergenic and harmless qualities. He is aging naturally very well and embellishes with a nice patina over the years. A healthy choice with unique and timeless colours. 

Beautiful French luxury cat collars

Our online store offers a wide choice of anti-strangulation safe collars for cats in high-end leather decorated with small golden brass buckles and a beautiful elastic band in organic cotton. We pay attention to every detail and our cat collars are all handmade by local French leather craftsmen with excellent know-how. Designed especially for all cats, indoors or outdoors, purebred or mixed, each collar is worn like a little jewel and allows each cat to walk around in style and in complete safety. 

The MAURICE cat collar is an authentic luxury accessory that combines French elegance, expertise, safety and well-being. It is an essential accessory when welcoming a cat into your home. There are many advantages for your cat in wearing a collar. In addition to its aesthetic aspect, a cat collar makes it possible to identify your feline very quickly and it shows that it has a master and a home he belongs to. 

MAURICE cat collars have a unique style that is described as urban, timeless and chic. The very first cat collars created by the brand is the minimalist yet very chic Panthera Tigris cat collar made with 100% vegetable-tanned responsible leather with earth-inspired colors. To also meet the needs of our customers who love colors and sequins and to give each cat the opportunity to wear a unique-looking collar, MAURICE offers a wide range of new colors, prints and limited editions in sequined leathers with a more extravagant touch, always inspired by the fauna, flora and colors of the moment. Safety is a primary criterion. The anti-strangulation leather collars perfectly meet this requirement with its small and cute glittery elastic band in organic cotton. Ultra-light, secure and soft, MAURICE cat collars are also very comfortable for your four-legged friend. This pretty cat collar made in France allows every cat to roam in complete peace of mind. 

No matter how old or big your cat is, MAURICE luxury leather cat collar is an ideal choice. MAURICE offers three sizes of collars, size 1, size 2 and size 3 for small and large cat breeds at affordable prices. To find the ideal collar size for your cat, don’t hesitate to consult our size guide on line. 

Whether you are a fan of minimalism, sequins or/and colors, you will find what you are looking for and the ideal collar for your cat on line on our website MAURICE offers the guarantee of qualitative collars all handmade in France by skilled craftmen. The MAURICE brand offers a large choice of elegant collars for chic cats at affordable prices. We have negotiated as well several shipping options worldwide in order to offer a delivery as soon as possible to each customer at the best price. 

Discover now the amazing world of MAURICE chic and luxury cat collars!

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