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Direct descendant of the wildcat and cousin of the charismatic king of the jungle, cats are small felines that  have long lived in harmony with humans. With a mysterious and dual nature, this small domestic animal has long captivated and enthralled us with his tender caresses and soft purrs. His uniquely beautiful fur adorns his long and muscular body, and like a supermodel, he moves with grace, elegance and nonchalance. In spite of his air of superiority, he expresses power and plenitude, earning our full respect. A cat remains an eternal hunter and an unrivaled twilight predator.  Just like dogs, a domestic cat is a member of the family in its own right.


Each collar is made from high-quality leather by expert craftsmen. Our cat collar collection, produced in small quantities, embodies artisanal excellence and French tradition. The colors and materials are meticulously selected for the safety, comfort and well-being of our feline friends.



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  • collier chat lynx lynx duo ii

    LYNX LYNX leather cat collar

  • collier chat collier chat panthera onca duo ii

    PANTHERA ONCA nubuck cat collar

  • colliers chats famille iv

    PANTHERA PARDUS ORIENTALIS leather cat collar

  • collier chat panthera tigris famille

    PANTHERA TIGRIS leather cat collar

  • colliers chats panthera uncia famille 3

    PANTHERA UNCIA nubuck cat collar


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