Materials and Instructions for care

Over time, leather and brass develop a natural patina. This process is normal, as are the natural markings, folds and veins that appear.


Leather is a living material, which becomes softer and evolves with time.

Although the majority of our collars and leashes boast natural 100% vegetable protection, we recommend that you protect and care for them in order to preserve their luster and beauty over the years.

Certain pieces of leather may have small natural irregularities (wrinkles, scars or pores), which  are more visible on light colored skin. Natural or light colored leather is also increasingly prone to staining. We recommend that you waterproof your leather goods before using them. Vegetable-tanned leather has the advantage of aging naturally and developing a beautiful patina over the years. Environmentally friendly, it may also be recycled. Vegetable tanning creates extremely solid leather that holds up well over the long term, making each piece unique.

Here are some tips to care for your leather products:

  • Waterproof your leather regularly
  • Avoid contact with water
  • If the leather is dirty, use a soft, damp cloth on the stains.  Never use soap or solvents!
  • Do not wash leather items
  • Avoid contact with the following products: liquid, hand cream, antiseptic solution, makeup and perfume
  • Do not leave your leather items in direct sunlight for an extended period of time
  • Protect your leather products from humidity and keep them away from direct sources of heat


Made in brass, our buckles are manufactured in two artisanal foundries, located in France and Italy.

Used since prehistoric times, this copper and zinc alloy is highly resistant to corrosion. Its beautiful yellow shade naturally oxidizes over time when exposed to the air and becomes a color called verdigris.  

There are two options available when caring for your brass:

  • You enjoy brass that develops a natural patina, so in this case, don’t do anything at all.
  • You prefer its yellow color and want to restore its shine. There are many ready-to-use products specifically formulated to give brass a new glossy luster. You can also use natural methods, such as toothpaste, white vinegar, soapy water, Coca-Cola and even Worcestershire sauce! We haven’t tried everything yet, but wanted to share this information with you, nonetheless.


Although we mainly use cotton fabric, we also use linen in some of our products, particularly for certain bow ties. In the case of stains, we recommend that you delicately rub the spot with a damp cloth soaked in Marseille soap.

If the stain remains, here are some tips: Gently hand wash the article; Do not soak in water; Do not treat with chlorine; Do not use a dryer; Do not iron; Do not dry clean; Do not professionally wet wash; Dry flat; Wash separately to prevent color transfer; Do not wring; Gently squeeze out excess water.

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