high-end accessories for dogs


Timeless creations with a unique design in premium recycled and upcycled leather especially made for dogs.


Our luxury dog collars

Our collars are all handmade in France by craftsmen with unique know-how. Our leathers, buckles and fabrics are selected with the utmost care.

Handcrafted un luxury leather, we only choose recycled and upcycled leather.

Canis Lupus

Emblematic of the MAURICE brand, this is the ultimate leather collar for dogs and their owners looking for minimalism, authenticity and discretion.

The Canis Lupus collar perfectly combines timeless fashion, simplicity, elegance and high quality. Made in France with vegetable tanned and recycled leather, the Canis Lupus dog collar brings comfort to all dogs and to sensitive skin. Built to last, for urban to country side terrain.

Gorilla Beringei Beringei

The Gorilla Beringei Beringei collar is an haute couture collar handcrafted from the finest leather, lined with recycled and/or upcycled leather, boasting a chic and audacious print for all avant-garde dogs on a quest for modernity.

For daily walks or evening outings, it is one of the brand’s contemporary essentials.


Inspired by the Savannah, the Okapia Johnstoni dog collar combines geometric patterns with simple high-quality vegetable-tanned black lined leather.

Gentle on your dog’s neck yet extremely solid, this organic braided cotton strap collar is ideal for all medium and large sized dogs.


Original creation of the Maurice brand, the PONGO leather dog collar has been specially designed and manufactured for puppies, small dogs and dogs of small breeds.

In 100% vegetable-tanned French fish leather, the PONGO dog collar is worn every day like a little jewel that illuminates the coat of small urban dogs with a strong character.

Inspired by flora, the colors are limited editions.

Ursus Maritimus

URSUS MARITIMUS completes our little range of leather collars for small dogs and dogs of small breeds. Light and very comfortable, this leather collar reveals chic & bright colors coupled with a timeless design. Lined in 100% vegetable-tanned leather, it is the promise that no chemicals is in contact with your best friend’s coat.

For daily walks, evening outings, this dog collar is part of the brand’s contemporary essentials.

Each creation is handmade in France in small quantities by craftsmen with meticulous gestures and excellent know-how.

Lycaon Pictus

Lycaon Pictus is an urban collar for all puppies and small dogs looking for sobriety. With its simplicity and softness, this dog collar presents comfort and naturalness as the keys to true canine elegance.

Made in France, this elegant little dog collar in 100% vegetable-tanned leather is a small, essential luxury accessory combined with timeless elegance that cares for the planet.

 Lycaon Pictus showcases colors inspired by nature and the animal world.

Our leashes for dogs

Like all of our leather goods, our leashes are meticulously manufactured in France by artisans, with each detail carefully designed and crafted.

Classic dog leash with handle or handfree multi-position, our leashes may be mixed and matched with all of our dog collars.

Dugong Dugon

The Dugong Dugon leash is ideal for taking your daily walks in peace and is suitable for both small and extra large dogs.

The single version of the Rhinoceros Sondaicus multi-position leash, Dugon Dugon, is a classic, simple and robust dog leash made from vegetable-tanned and recycled leather.


Rhinoceros Sondaicus

The Rhinoceros Sondaicus multipurpose leash offers you the possibility to choose the distance you give your dog on a walk, while leaving your hands free. It is ideal for a long leisurely walk with your four-legged friend.

This long and versatile leash is made from vegetable-tanned and recycled leather. Ideal for masters and dogs with a sense of adventure, freedom and carefree spirit.

Our poop bag dispensers

The poop bag dispenser, a practical and lightweight must-have accessory for your peacefull stroll in the city or in the park with your best friend! Handcrafted in luxury leather.

Cacatua Alba

Basic & Simple ! Yes to a poop bag dispenser but with a touch of style, allowing you to go out on a walk with your dog, hands free with a clear conscience. This luxury poop bag dispenser feature high-quality choice of material and can be taken with you everywhere you go!

Its small gold-plated brass snap hook alows you to hang it anywhere: belt, handbag, backpack, leash, etc…

Cacatua Alba is available in several colors and prints.

Our bow ties

The must-have MAURICE dogrobe fashion accessory.

To each his own style, pair with the Canis Lupus collars for a chic, sleek look or – the Gorilla Beringei Beringei collars for a dressier touch.

Loxodonta Africana

For the ultra-chic final touch, the Loxodonta Africana bow ties may be easily attached to all MAURICE collars at the desired position, thanks to a snap button for a perfect fit.

Danaus Plexippus

Timeless and irresistible, the Danaus Plexippus dog bow tie brings a very French touch of elegance to your dog! Very soft, light and resistant, it can be positioned very easily on our dog collars thanks to its small golden brass snap button.

All nubuck bow ties match perfectly with our dog collar collections.

High-end accessories for chic dogs

All MAURICE products for dogs and cats boast a minimalist design and are enhanced by a meticulous selection of noble materials and the use of exceptional manufacturing techniques.

Handcrafted by local artisans with unique know-how,  all of our accessories reflect our taste for quality and are authentic, essential, functional, comfortable, contemporary and made in France in small quantities.

We draw inspiration from the world around us. Animals and their environment, nature, art, fashion, travels, gastronomy and the amazing encounters made along the way are our precious and endless sources of inspiration.

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