Haute couture cat collar in vegetable-tanned leather

Panthera Pardus Orientalis


Product description

Panthera Pardus Orientalis is a premium leather cat collar with a chic and audacious print for all playful and avant-garde cats on a quest for freedom and modernity. Extremely comfortable, this collar is easy to wear and brings a unique touch, radiance and energy to every shade of fur. Each MAURICE collar is fully lined with plain, supple vegetable-tanned leather. Panthera Pardus Orientalis is suitable for all cats – from purebred and alley cats: birman, bengal, ragdoll, british shorthair, bristish longhair, persian, siberian, sphynx, highlander, maine coon, savannah, norwegian, siberian, etc…


  • Luxury cat collar in lined leather
  • Inside lined with vegetable-tanned leather. No chromium or chemical treatments used.
  • Outside in premium leather (REACH standards) or upcycled leather
  • Eco-responsible leather derived from recycled food waste
  • Natural 100% vegetable protection and biodegradable
  • High quality brass buckles made in France, Belgium and Italy
  • Premium finishes
  • Anti-strangulation safety elastic band in 100% organic cotton
  • May be adjusted to the size of your cat’s neck, thanks to its small buckle
  • Suitable for small and large cats
  • A choice of 3 sizes: size 1 for small cat neck from 18 to 23 cm, size 2 is the standard cat neck size from 21 to 26 cm and size 3 for large cat neck from 26,5 to 31,5 cm.
  • Cat collar manufactured in France and entirely handmade by our leather craftsmen with traditional French know-how
  • A choice of 5 colors

Measure your cat’s neck to confirm you have chosen the right size. We invite you to check our size guide to ensure the perfect fit and find out how to choose and adjust your cat collar.

Each leather, each nubuck is unique and chosen with the greatest attention. The irregularities and color nuances are natural and make it a unique piece.

Additional information

Weight0,215 kg
Dimensions26 × 20 × 6 cm

Golden brass, Leather, Cotton


Black Snake, Mineral Blue, Wild Thing, Pink Glitter, Love Me Tender


1, 2, 3


Designed and Made in France, Handmade


100% organic cotton – Origin Egypt, Upcycled leathers – Origin EU, Leathers – Origin EU, Golden brass buckle – Origin EU


Recycled and FSC® certified

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    Learn more about Panthera Pardus Orientalis

    Panthera Pardus Orientalis, a luxurious collar from Maurice, is also the scientific name given to the Chinese panther, known as the Amur leopard. Considered one of the most endangered big cats in the world, this leopard is now in “critical” danger of extinction.

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