The black panther, symbolizing quiet strength



The black panther: a leopard with a dark coat

The black panther is a big cat which is in reality a leopard with a dark coat whose color has genetically mutated giving it a beautiful, predominantly black coat. It is not a species of its own. By observing its coat more closely, we can see small stains very characteristic of this animal.

Our love story with this big cat begins with the beautiful Bagheera, faithful protector of Mowgli in the Jungle Book…

A big cat who masters the art of hunting and camouflage

Agile, an unrivaled climber and jumper, this big, solitary and independent cat loves to lounge in trees all day long, either to sleep, to hide or to quietly devour its prey. Although certain individuals view the black panther as a danger to humans, in fact it is not for those who know how to keep their distance. Rather fearful in nature, this big cat tends to flee and only attacks if, and only if, it feels it is in danger.

Rational and nocturnal, this incredible predator has a keen capacity of observation and perfectly master the art of hiding. It knows how to blend into its environment and remain discreet, but never loses its strength. The black panther can run up to 60 km/h and can follow its prey discreetly for hours without getting tired. Its very powerful jaw allows it to hoist prey weighing more than 100kg more than 5m high into trees to eat in complete peace.

And to ensure its survival, the black panther has a formidable technique: after each single meal it makes sur it buries its prey before it starts to wash itself meticulously in order to get ride of its smell. A well-established method so that other animals cannot find its meal.

The black panthers stand out from other felines, due to their strength and speed but also by its beauty and presence. Carnivorous, they loves water, which is rather rare among felines, and it easily adapts to their environment. Black panthers may live in forests as well as in the jungle or the desert.

The black panther: a rare and mysterious species

Rare and mysterious, the black panther is an endangered species due to poaching, deforestation and climate change. Undoubtedly one of the most majestic animals on our planet, the black panther is historically hunted for its unique fur but also for its bones used in Asian medicine.

Among the protected species today, the black panther is an endangered species threatened ‘VULNERABLE’. Its discretion makes it very difficult to observe and record the number of species left. Black panthers are native to Africa and South East Asia.

The symbol of the black panther, our totem animal

This big cat is a fierce and aggressive guardian and symbolizes power, courage, energy and value. Protective it also embodies quiet strength, calm, patience, perseverance and self-confidence.

We are proud to have this remarkable wild feline as our totem animal. Under the benevolent and protective eye of the black panther, MAURICE develops and manufactures responsible and chic accessories that bring joy and unique style to all cats and dogs in the world. Discover and succumb to one of our handmade-in-France creations.

le monde maurice la panthere noire

The Black Panther

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