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A dog can change our entire outlook on the world. An excellent companion, he is always willing to accompany us everywhere we go.  He brings a smile to our face, improves our overall sense of well-being, our social life and motivates even the laziest of us to go for a daily walk.  Our dog takes us off the beaten path and keeps us in shape.  So, how can we ever resist the call to go for a walk with him to discover the world, smell new smells, and make new friends?  It's impossible!

Like all of our leather goods, our leashes are meticulously manufactured in France by artisans,  with each detail carefully designed and crafted.  We choose quality over quantity with the goal of providing you with fully unique, high-quality products.

All of our accessories are designed to be mixed and matched, for perfectly coordinated sets that best reflect you and your pet. Our leather goods are made in France in small quantities.



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  • kit lbalade cl ii resultat

    CANIS LUPUS collar and lead kit

  • kit longue balade rs resultat

    CANIS LUPUS long walk collar + multi-position lead kit

  • laisse dugong 4

    DUGONG DUGON single leather leash

  • laisses chiens multipostes rhinoceros sondaicus famille

    RHINOCEROS SONDAICUS multi-position leash


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