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The cure for absolute well-being, and source of support and unconditional love, dogs are the very first animals to have been adopted by Homo sapiens. A dog’s ability to understand our emotions allows him to soothe and comfort us with a simple look. A descendant of the gray wolf, a dog shows unrivaled loyalty and faithfulness, making him a member of the family in his own right and truly man's best friend.

Each leather dog collar, crafted using artisanal expertise, is unique and comes in raw vegetable-tanned leather as well as high-quality printed leather for a touch of minimalist elegance. Inspired by earthy hues, our range of colors is low key, soft toned and a bit extravagant. All of our leather products are made in France in small quantities.



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  • kit lbalade cl ii resultat

    CANIS LUPUS collar and lead kit

  • dsc05503 resultat

    CANIS LUPUS leather dog collar

  • kit longue balade rs resultat

    CANIS LUPUS long walk collar + multi-position lead kit

  • collier chien gorilla beringei beringei famille ii

    GORILLA BERINGEI BERINGEI leather dog collar

  • collier petit chien lycaon famille 1 resultat

    LYCAON PICTUS leather dog collar for small dogs

  • colliers chihuahuas

    MEGAPTERA NOVAEANGLIAE luxury leather collar for Chihuahua

  • collier okapia johnstoni ext iggy

    OKAPIA JOHNSTONI dog strap collar

  • collier chien pongo famille 1 resultat

    PONGO leather dog collar for small dogs

  • colliers ursus maritimus famille

    URSUS MARITIMUS leather dog collar for small dogs


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