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Maurice designs and manufactures leather accessories for cats, made in France by skilled craftmen with excellent know-how.


Our chic cat collars

Our cat collar collection, produced in small quantities, embodies artisanal excellence and French tradition.

The colors and materials are meticulously selected for the safety, comfort and well-being of our feline friends. Each cat collar is lined with 100% vegetable-tanned leather and equipped with an anti-strangulation elastic band in organic glitter cotton.

Discover now the amazing MAURICE‘s cat collars!

Panthera Tigris

Emblematic of the MAURICE brand, this is the ultimate leather collar for cats and their owners looking for minimalism, authenticity and discretion.  

Made in France from 100% recycled vegetable-tanned leather, the Panthera Tigris collar is equipped with  an organic cotton anti-strangulation elastic band for your cat’s safety. No chromium or chemical treatments used.

Panthera Pardus Orientalis

Extremely comfortable, the Panthera Pardus Orientalis collar is easy to wear and brings a unique touch, radiance and energy to every shade of fur.

Each Panthera Pardus Orientalis cat collar is fully lined with plain, supple vegetable-tanned leather. An anti-strangulation elastic band, made from organic cotton, allows your cat to freely roam in peace. We select high-quality leathers derived from the recycled food waste as well as upcycled leather.

Panthera Uncia

A small luxury collar in premium upcycled nubuck for all cats and their masters in search of dreams, sweetness and elegance. Like each of our collars, Panthera Uncia is lined with 100% natural vegetable-tanned leather. No chemicals are in contact with your cat’s fur.

Our collars are all handmade locally in France by expert hands in high quality leathers. Panthera Uncia offers great softness, comfort and a lot of radiance. Equipped with a small anti-strangulation elastic band in organic cotton to go on an adventure with a free spirit!

Lynx Lynx

Lynx Lynx is a cat collar in luxurious, soft and very comfortable leather adorned with small solid golden brass hardware for absolute timeless elegance and a touch of glamour. Inspired by the beautiful colors of the animal kingdom and vegetal world, Lynx Lynx embodies freedom, the beauty of nature and adorns each coat with a captivating solar energy that invites to travel and daydream.

Like all MAURICE cat collars, Lynx Lynx is a true fashion yet responsible accessory equipped with a glittery safety elastic for your cat safety and your peace of mind. It is lined with a premium vegetable-tanned leather with no chemical treatment. All of our pet accessories are entirely handmade locally.

Panthera Onca

Panthera Onca is the perfect accessory to accompany big and small felines throughout the day. With a minimalist spirit, this cat collar features soft, relaxing and timeless colors that does not age. Made from ultra-soft, upcycled premium nubuck, this luxurious little cat collar is lined with vegetable-tanned leather for the comfort and well-being of each feline. Its anti-strangulation safety glitter elastic band in organic cotton and its small solid golden brass buckle give it a style that is both casual and chic. Lightweight and very comfortable.

Like all MAURICE luxury cat accessories, Panthera Onca is entirely handmade in France by a leather craftsman with excellent know-how. Each leather, each nubuck is unique and chosen with the greatest attention. The irregularities and color nuances are natural and make it a unique piece.

Luxury accessories for amazing cats

All MAURICE products for dogs and cats boast a minimalist design and are enhanced by a meticulous selection of noble materials and the use of exceptional manufacturing techniques. We draw inspiration from the world around us. Animals and their environment, nature, art, fashion, travels, gastronomy and the amazing encounters made along the way are our precious and endless sources of inspiration.

Handcrafted in luxury leather by local artisans with unique know-how,  all of our accessories reflect our taste for quality and are authentic, essential, functional, comfortable, contemporary and made in France in small quantities. Each collar is lined with 100% vegetable-tanned leather. No chromium or chemical treatments used. For happy dogs & happy cats.

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