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Eco-friendly and chic accessories that bring joy and unique style to every cat and dog in the world!
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Founded at the end of 2020, MAURICE is a young brand that crafts small luxury leather accessories for dogs and cats.

Created in a tiny workshop in 2020, MAURICE was officially born in summer 2022 in the heart of the city of Le Mans in France. More than a brand, MAURICE is above all an unconditional love for animals and nature but also the desire to commit against the disappearance of many endangered species, abandonments and animal abuses. MAURICE is also offering high-quality products, for everyday use, made locally in France from noble, healthy and environmentally friendly materials while using traditional know-how.

We draw inspiration from the world around us. Animals and their environment, nature, art, fashion, travels, gastronomy and the amazing people we meet along the way are our precious and endless sources of inspiration. Soliciting local craftsmen with traditional excellence while promoting short circuits were also part of the list of prerequisites established by the brand.

Our love for animals is the very essence of MAURICE

It was quite naturally towards dogs and cats that the brand founder and artistic director, Sara Maingard, chose to actively focus when the desire to launch her own brand was born. A passion and an unconditional love for animals since her youth that has continued to grow over time. The idea behind MAURICE is to propose timeless and chic products for dogs and cats, Made in France, based on high-end materials sourced in France and Western Europe, without risk for the animal and with no dangerous chemical treatment used. It was together with her French Bulldog Iggy that Sara designed and developed the first pieces, 100% vegetable-tanned leather dog collars.

Our leitmotiv

To develop and manufacture high-quality leather accessories for all dogs and cats, to offer unique collections with a minimalist, urban and chic design while paying particular attention to materials and details, to give priority to short distribution channels and French manufacturing, to produce in small quantities, to be benevolent and a source of pleasure for our customers thanks to high-quality products, as well as to commit to the fight for animal welfare and preservation of endangered species.

Urban brand with a distinctive minimalist spirit & a unique touch of elegance

For its very first collection launched in summer 2022, the brand naturally chose to design and manufacture its articles in vegetable-tanned leather with a minimalist, yet chic style. A few months later, the brand launched pieces with a more extravagant look, made from distinctive premium leather with more assertive colors and prints but which still remain timeless creations.

We truly believe that timeless creations helps towards minimizing unecessary consumption.

Made in France using traditional artisan know-how


All MAURICE products boast a minimalist design and are enhanced by a meticulous selection of noble materials and exceptional manufacturing techniques.

Handcrafted by local artisans with unique know-how, all our pieces reflect our taste for quality and are authentic, essential, functional, comfortable, contemporary and made in France in small quantities. The quality of the materials selected and the precision of the gesture of our leatherworkers make each of our creations a unique and authentic accessory.

Quality, respect & responsibility


We try every day to be a benevolent and authentic actor and we make sure your dog and cat get nothing but the best quality possible. Our pet accessories unite durability, comfort and security.

We select our leathers, fabrics and buckles with the utmost care, making sure that no material is harmful to animals.

Our larger buckles are made in France, whereas our smaller pieces are manufactured in Italy and Belgium. Our leather mainly comes from 2 tanneries located in Spain, whose skins are either from France or Western Europe. We use eco-responsible leather that is upcycled and derived from recycled food waste. We place priority on vegetable-tanned leather and organic cotton. We favor short distribution channels and are proud to say that 90% of our raw materials come from Europe. We do not use exotic leathers nor leathers from breeding farms.


An international influence

MAURICE embodies a unique blend of French, Dutch and American cultures… 3 countries that are very dear to the founder, who spent several years far from her native land.  Every day, we draw inspiration from the world around us: animals as well as travel, nature, art, fashion, gastronomy, friends and family.

The brand’s short-term goal is to make the fight for animal welfare and endangered species an integral part of its strategy. Just like the PANTHERA TIGRIS company, which owns the MAURICE brand, each product bears the scientific name of an endangered species. It is our duty to raise awareness about this issue and remind people that every day is one day less for thousands of species.





This is Maurice, the founder’s grandfather, who passed his love and respect for animals and nature down to her.

Iggy & Pilgrim


On the left is Iggy, a purebred French bulldog, outstanding right hand man and ultra-artistic director.

And on the right is Pilgrim, a beautiful mixture of Ragdoll and Sacred Cat of Burma. The team’s shadow and faithful assistant.

Mauritius Island


This is Mauritius, an island that is very dear to the family’s ancestors.



Here, we have Scarlett, a princess, influencer and model.

The brand's founder


And last but not least, this is Sara Maingard, the brand’s founder with her Frenchbulldog Iggy.

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