Dog & Cat collar size guide

A collar for every dog

It is essential to select the correct dog collar size to ensure the comfort and safety of your four-legged friend.

Even within the same breed, there are different-sized dogs. Moreover, females tend to be slimmer. Your dog is unique and to find the most suitable size, we recommend that you measure his neck and add a good centimeter to prevent the collar from being too tight.

If you can place your finger between the collar and your dog’s neck, that means it is the right size.

For puppies, we recommend that you add 3-5 cm to allow for growth.

Once you have measured your dog’s neck, choose the collar size from the chart below:

SizeNeck circumference (cm)Collar width (cm)
XXXS18 – 231,3
XXS21 – 261,3
XS25 – 332
S31 – 392
M37 – 452,5 – 3,5
L43 – 512,5 – 3,5
XL49 – 572,5 – 3,5
Dog collar size chart

For example, if your dog’s neck circumference is 41 cm, a size M collar with an adjustment range of 37 to 45 cm, will fit your doggy.

If you hesitate between two sizes, select the larger one.

Cat collar size guide


A collar must be perfectly adapted to the morphology of your cat. It must be wide enough so that your little feline’s neck is not tight, but it must also not be too wide, at the risk of hindering your cat during his outings.

Measure your cat neck to confirm the size is correct. We recommend you wrap a tape to measure closely around your cat’s neck. Add 2 to 2,5cm to te measurement to allow the correct amount of space. This is your cat collar size.

MAURICE offers three sizes of cat collar: size 1,  size 2 and size 3.

– Size 1 is perfect for kittens and smaller builds (mixed breed, rex, scottish fold, abbysinian, burmese, siamese, singapura, sphinx) with a neck measuring 18 to 23cm.

– Size 2 is our standard cat neck ideal for young large breed (british shorthair, ragdoll, norwegian and maine coon) and medium adult (mixed breed, american shorthair, bombay, birman, bengal, persian, russian blue, scottish fold, toyger, siberian forest, maine coon) with a neck measuring from 21 to 26cm.

Size 3 is ideal for adult of large breeds (british shorthair, british longhair, ragdoll, norvegian, savannah and maine coon) and large adults (alley cat, american shorthair, bombay, sacred of burma, bengal, persian, russian blue, scottish fold, toyger and siberian) with a neck measuring from 26.5 to 31.5 cm. If the size 3 remains too small for your cat, please send us a little message. We manufacture certain models on request.

If you have any doubt about which size is best for your cat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Once you’ve put the collar around your cat’s neck, make sure it’s not too tight to the point of hurting, or too loose to easily snag on objects. To ensure that your cat collar is correctly fitted, leave a space equivalent to a finger or even a finger and a half between the collar and your feline’s neck. If your finger goes through easily and the collar stays in place, your collar is properly adjusted.


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