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The cure for absolute well-being, and source of support and unconditional love, dogs are the very first animals to have been adopted by Homo sapiens. A dog’s ability to understand our emotions allows him to soothe and comfort us with a simple look. A descendant of the gray wolf, a dog shows unrivaled loyalty and faithfulness, making him a member of the family in his own right and truly man's best friend.


“He has beauty without vanity, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity, and all the virtues of man without his vices.” 
George Gordon Biron





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  • Sale! laisse multiposition rs pochette ca black olden

    CACATUA ALBA poop bag dispenser

    Original price was: 69,00€.Current price is: 53,00€.
  • kit lbalade cl ii resultat

    CANIS LUPUS collar and lead kit

  • Sale! dsc05503 resultat

    CANIS LUPUS leather dog collar

    Original price was: 75,00€.Current price is: 62,00€.
  • kit longue balade rs resultat

    CANIS LUPUS long walk collar + multi-position lead kit

  • img 5336

    DANAUS PLEXIPPUS dog bow ties

  • Sale! laisse dugong 4

    DUGONG DUGON single leather leash

    Original price was: 79,00€.Current price is: 69,00€.
  • Sale! collier chien gorilla beringei beringei famille ii

    GORILLA BERINGEI BERINGEI leather dog collar

    Original price was: 89,00€.Current price is: 80,00€.
  • Sale! noeud papillon loxodonta africana famille

    LOXODONTA AFRICANA dog bow ties

    Original price was: 45,00€.Current price is: 39,00€.
  • Sale! collier petit chien lycaon famille 1 resultat

    LYCAON PICTUS leather dog collar for small dogs

    Original price was: 50,00€.Current price is: 44,00€.
  • e gift card image

    Maurice E-gift card

  • colliers chihuahuas

    MEGAPTERA NOVAEANGLIAE luxury leather collar for Chihuahua

  • Sale! collier okapia johnstoni ext iggy

    OKAPIA JOHNSTONI dog strap collar

    Original price was: 89,00€.Current price is: 75,00€.
  • Sale! collier chien pongo famille 1 resultat

    PONGO leather dog collar for small dogs

    Original price was: 65,00€.Current price is: 52,00€.
  • Sale! laisses chiens multipostes rhinoceros sondaicus famille

    RHINOCEROS SONDAICUS multi-position leash

    Original price was: 125,00€.Current price is: 109,00€.
  • colliers ursus maritimus famille

    URSUS MARITIMUS leather dog collar for small dogs


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