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Cat collar: Panthera Tigris – color Speculoos






Welcome to MAURICE, Le Mans – your premium french designer and supplier of cat accessories.

On our on-line boutique, we have a beautiful choice of luxury cat collars all handcrafted locally in the city of Le Mans and produced in small quantities.

Discover now our world and our purrfect selection of leather cat collars !


In many countries today, one in two people claims to have at least one pet in their household.

Today, cats are among the most numerous and popular pets around the world and they deserve the best. Descended from the wild cat, the domestic cat, Felis Catus, belongs to the felidae family and is today the only domesticated feline. Independent, the cat has kept its wild instinct but yet has come to appreciate the caresses and presence of humans. Discreet, smart, playful and a good sleeper, cats love rituals. Whether indoor or outdoor, its territory is clearly defined, and it alone is the undisputed leader.

Join us through a journey in the magical world of MAURICE for fabulous cats and discover our elegant French, responsible, chic and luxury leather cat collars designed and handcrafted locally.


Why should i put a collar to my cat?

While cats are territorial animals, they also regularly wander outside their territory, either to extend it, hunt, find a mate or simply out of curiosity. A cat collar is a safety accessory for quick and easy identification away from its territory.

But to ensure your cat’s optimum safety, it must be of good quality, equipped with an anti-strangulation safety system, but it must also be well adjusted and well suited to your cat’s neck size. All these elements are essential for your pet’s comfort, protection and your peace of mind.



At MAURICE we chose leather from the waste of food industry but as well luxury recycled leather. Beautiful, leather has the particularity of being a durable material whose patina gets better with age. Soft, supple and confortable for your cat, each of our leather cat collar is adorned with beautiful, high-quality, resistant yet light brass buckle and a safety elastic band made from organic coton. We do not used plastic material in our creation.

Each cat collar is designed and handmade locally with high-quality materials all bought in France and sourced directly from France and Western Europe. Lined with vegetable-tanned leather and distinguished by the gold foil embossed with the MAURICE logo, we are proud to say there are no toxic chemicals in contact with the cat’s coat.
Highly recommended for its longevity, leather collars are elegant and non-irritating for your cat’s neck.



We take your cat’s safety seriously.

To ensure your cat’s safety, the collar you choose must be of the highest quality and fitted with a safety system. There are various safety systems on the market today. As we try to limit our plastic consumption, at MAURICE, we’ve opted for an elastic band rather than a plastic safety buckle.

Our complete collection of leather cat collars is fitted with a beautiful anti-strangulation safety elastic band made of organic cotton with a glittery finish, which expand and allows your cat to escape if necessary. Combined with gold-plated brass buckles, the MAURICE cat leather collars illuminate every coat with a unique solar energy and design.

But beware: like all pet collars, a cat collar must not only be of the highest quality, but it must also be at the right size and properly adjusted to ensure your cat’s well-being and safety.


For your cat’s safety, it’s vital to choose the right collar size. Even within the same breed, different cats have different builds. Every cat is unique, and to find the size that is best for your cat, we strongly recommend that you measure his neck with a soft tape measure, without tightening it too much. Then add 2 to 2.5cm to the measurement to obtain your cat’s neck size.

MAURICE offers three sizes of cat collars: T1, T2 and T3.

Size T1 is perfect for kittens and small cats with a neck size ranging from 18 to 23cm. Size T2 is a standard size for young cats of large breeds and medium-sized adults with a neck size of 21 to 26cm. Size T3 is ideal for large breeds such as british shorthair, ragdoll, maine coon, savannah, norwegian or siberian. If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us.

A well-adjusted collar is one that allows a finger to pass between the collar and the coat. Make sure it’s neither too tight nor too loose. Find all our advice in our cat collar size guide.



The MAURICE cat collar collection embodies the alliance of artisanal excellence and French tradition and is produced in small quantities in the city of Le Mans in France.

Each MAURICE cat collar bears the scientific name of an animal whose plight is of the utmost concern and deserves our full attention. You can find all our information on endangered animals online in the WE REALLY CARE section.

There is a MAURICE collar for every fabulous cat !

Succumb to the brand’s emblematic PANTHERA TIGRIS vegetable-tanned leather collar if you’re looking for minimalism and natural colors inspired by the wild world. PANTHERA TIGRIS is today MAURICE’s best seller.

PANTHERA PARDUS ORIENTALIS is a premium leather cat collar with a chic and audacious print for all playful and avant-garde cats on a quest for freedom and modernity.

Inspired by travel, PANTHERA UNCIA is a luxury cat collar handcrafted from the finest upcycled nubuck. For dreamy and mysterious cats in search of sweetness and harmony.

PANTHERA ONCA gently enhance the silky coat of every small and large feline looking for comfort without compromising on style.

In supple, luxurious grained leather, the LYNX LYNX collar is suitable for all kittens and daring cats looking for a chic yet unique style full of colors inspired by nature.

Discover our selection of luxury collars for fabulous cats on our online boutique Unique, chic and responsible creations for all cats, developed and handmade in France. Free delivery in Europe for orders over €120.

If you speak French, please feel free to visit us at

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