Leather dog collar

The advantages of a luxury leather dog collar



Leather is one of the oldest natural raw materials in existence. Durable and noble, it is highly resistant to tearing, stretching and temperature. An excellent thermal insulator, leather develops a patina and embellish over time. Hardly flammable, it is capable of absorbing moisture from the inside and directing it to the outside. In prehistoric times, leather formed the basis of clothing. Over time, leather has been found in a variety of forms.

A leather dog collar is an essential accessory that not only ensures your best friend’s safety, but also enables you to identify him quickly if necessary. MAURICE Leather dog collars are suitable for all dogs, large or small.

Leather dog collar

For all these reasons, we at MAURICE have chosen to make dog collars for our best friends from leathers that we buy exclusively in France. We carefully select high-quality, elegant, soft leathers with a silky touch, all recycled from the food industry and sourced from Italian and Spanish tanneries.

Our leather dog collars are glorified by different types of high-end traditional leathers: smooth, velvet, grained, nubuck, etc. We don’t use exotic leathers.

Each leather is unique and tells a different story. Each of our French products is produced in small quantities entirely locally. Launched in 2022, the MAURICE brand offers different types of responsible luxury leather collars for puppies, small breeds and large dogs.

The advantages of a leather dog collar

Choosing a dog collar isn’t as easy as you might think. There are so many brands, materials, colors and styles to choose from. At MAURICE, we naturally chose leather for its nobility, comfort and elegance, with the well-being and safety of the dog at the heart of our concerns.

A leather dog collar is the promise of a timeless accessory that is aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, gentle on the coat, resistant and comfortable. Our collars are all handcrafted from luxury, mainly vegetable-tanned leathers. They guarantee that no toxic chemicals come into contact with your dog’s coat.

If a luxury leather dog collar is an advisable quality choice, it’s important that the collar is the right size and, above all, properly adjusted to avoid accidents and injuries. Take a look at our size guide and our adjustment tips.


Comparison of the best leather dog collars

To help you choose the best leather collar for your dog, here’s a comparison of the best MAURICE luxury leather collars. You will find a choice of leather collars ideal for small and large breed dogs.

CANIS LUPUSVegetable-tanned leather dog collar

The emblematic MAURICE model, a timeless, minimalist and elegant basic with gold-plated brass buckles. A strong, comfortable collar in 100% vegetable-tanned premium leather. Suitable for all dogs. Available in 5 sizes and 3 animal-inspired colors: black, vanilla cream and speculoos.

Price: €75

Conclusion: a collar that combines comfort, elegance, minimalism and sturdiness. It meets the needs of small and large dogs alike, without compromising on safety. Patinates beautifully over time.


GORILLA BERINGEI BERINGEI Premium lined leather dog collar

This haute couture collar is designed for all dogs, big or small, looking for style without compromising on comfort. Handcrafted from the finest leathers, this leather dog collar features bold colors and prints for a unique style. It brings light and energy to every coat. Each collar is lined with vegetable-tanned leather and adorned with golden brass buckles. Available in 5 sizes and 4 colors: Love me tender, Wild thing, Blue mineral & Mister dog.

Price: €89

Conclusion: Handcrafted in France, like all MAURICE products, this leather dog collar meets all the basic standards of a leather collar, with style to boot! Meticulously finished and chic, it stands out for its class and elegant, ultra-chic and timeless style. Its soft leather is gentle on your dog’s neck. Adjustable to fit all dogs without getting in the way.

OKAPIA JOHNSTONI Leather & braided strap dog collar

This dog collar features a beautiful mix of materials reminiscent of the wild world. Inspired by the savannah, it combines the geometric patterns of its braided webbing with the sobriety of black vegetable-tanned leather. Flexible and sturdy, it’s ideal for all medium to large dogs. This dog collar is available in 3 sizes.

Price: €89

Conclusion: In addition to its solid leather, free of toxic substances harmful to dogs, this collar is handcrafted locally by French leather craftmen with unique know-how. Its braided strap, specially designed for the brand, is made of organic cotton for optimum flexibility and comfort. It is designed primarily for medium and large breed dogs.


LYCAON PICTUS leather collar for small breed dog

Because small dogs are more fragile, MAURICE has specially designed this collar for small breeds. With its minimalist design, this 100% vegetable-tanned leather collar is light, supple yet strong and safe for your small dog’s neck. Its small gold-plated brass buckles give it a touch of glamour and chic lightness. One size. Available in two colors: Vanilla Cream and Speculoos.

Price: €49

Conclusion: Designed for puppies and small dogs, this collar is perfect for a puppy’s first steps in life, or to accompany a small dog’s daily routine. Its softness, lightness and suppleness won’t irritate your pet’s skin. This basic has style. An elegant dog collar in high-quality leather at a very affordable price.


URSUS MARITIMUSLuxury leather collar for small dog

An ultra-chic collar for small dogs! A very elegant option to brighten up the coat of characterful small dogs looking for uniquely designed accessories and a French style. Made from premium leather lined with vegetable-tanned leather, this small dog collar is adorned with golden brass buckles. Lightweight, soft, silky and sturdy, it’s the perfect accessory for stylish small dogs. One size. Available in 5 colors: Black snake, Love me tender, Mineral blue, Pink glitter and Wild Thing.

Price: €55

Conclusion: Made from high-quality leather, this leather dog collar works perfectly for small dogs and is very gentle on the animal’s neck and coat. The colors and prints stand out in the leather dog collar market. A top-of-the-range accessory that lasts over time and is worn like an indispensable little jewel. Excellent value for money for a luxury leather dog collar.


PONGO – Dog collar in exceptional marine leather for small sized dog

Adorned with a small gold-plated brass buckle, the PONGO collar is worn like a little jewel. Made from 100% vegetable-tanned French marine leather, a chic material that brightens up any coat. Ultra-stylish and atypical, this lined collar for small dogs feels soft and light around your pet’s neck. Selected premium French marine leathers. One size. Available in 3 colors: Aurora borealis, Pink coral and Savanna.

Price: €65

Conclusion: A lightweight dog collar with a unique design and pattern you won’t find anywhere else. This original collar has been specially designed for small dogs looking for style and energy. This collar is one of the new timeless, luxury, responsible and sustainable French creations by MAURICE. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, this is the collar for you and your pet!

Gorilla Beringei Beringei



Unlike a nylon or synthetic collar, a leather dog collar cannot be washed. Sensitive to water, it’s important to clean and waterproof it regularly with suitable products. Unquestionably more expensive than a nylon or biothane collar due to its high quality, the leather dog collar is the accessory par excellence that combines durability, quality, comfort and safety.

The selection of top-of-the-range recycled/upcycled leathers free of toxic chemicals is essential. When you choose a MAURICE leather dog collar, you’re guaranteed a top-of-the-range product, entirely handcrafted in France by traditional leather craftsmen, to accompany your best friend in his daily life, while ensuring his safety and well-being. A responsible purchase that becomes more beautiful with time.

MAURICE, affordable luxury for every dog and cat on the planet! Find all our care tips here.

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