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Domesticated by man millions of years ago, the cat has seen its place in our society evolve.

The cat is today one the pets most owned in most households around the world and is part of the full family, just like the dog. The benefits of its presence on man are widely recognized and therefore it deserves the best.

From France with love: designed and manufactured in the city of Le Mans

MAURICE is a very young French brand of cat collars created by a French designer passionate about cats and concerned about the planet. Each cat collar is designed locally in the Sarthe department close by the city of Le Mans and the mystic circuit of the 24 hours of Le Mans. The brand MAURICE is using recycled and upcycled materials. A French eco-responsible brand that stands out by offering high quality products with a unique and ultra chic design.

“A cat collar is an essential accessory that offers several advantages. When creating the MAURICE brand, we absolutely wanted to offer a range of responsible cat collars, respectful of our planet, comfortable, chic and timeless without compromising on the health and safety of the cat. Our cat collars are all equipped with an anti-strangulation elastic band in organic cotton and there are no chemical substances in contact with the cat’s coat. The raw materials we choose are also all purchased in France and come from France and/or Western Europe. We are proud to promote local employment and to offer accessible ethical feline fashion with the cat and its well-being at the heart of our concerns. »

Finest and luxury leather cat collars: a beautiful, safe and practical accessory

Cat collars, yes, but high-quality leather cat collars. Every detail counts and we attach great importance to it. Each leather cat collar benefits from the unique and French know-how of our leather craftsmen. Our MAURICE cat collars are available in several colors, prints and sizes for an ultra-chic and noticed style. Cat collars with a unique and timeless design, designed to last, all made in France. Inspired by nature, wildlife and the animal world, our collars are light, sunny and illuminate the coat of each cat. We have chosen over the seasons leathers from the recycling of the food industry and upcycled leathers adapted to the life of our friends the cats, whether young or old: naps, adventures and games… All our leathers are purchased in France (from Spain) and meets European REACH standards. There are no harmful chemicals in contact with the cat’s coat. We have chosen to also use vegetable-tanned leather for the inside of each cat collar for the well-being, comfort and health of your cat.

At MAURICE, there are leather collars for all kittens and cats, for small and large breeds. We offer three collar sizes: T1, T2 and T3. Consult our size guide to choose the right collar size for your cat. It is important that the collar is neither too tight nor too wide.

French manufacturing: the guarantee of quality and respect

All our cat collars are Made in France.

All our leather collars for cats are designed by us and manufactured in the workshop of our leather craftsmen based near Le Mans. All handmade, each cat collar has a Made in France gold thread marking, the guarantee of a quality product but not only…

Our amazing friends the cats deserve high-quality products guaranteeing their safety but also the preservation of their habitat. We are committed to minimizing the carbon footprint of each cat collar. Since the very start of the brand, it is out of the question for MAURICE that a product travels many kilometers for its creation ! The same is true for the raw materials we use. By promoting short circuits and manufacturing all of our products locally, we are minimizing our carbon footprint. Buying a MAURICE cat collar is a responsible choice that supports made in France, local employment, French industry and respect for human rights. We are also proud to collaborate with European companies.  

Succumb to the charm of our leather cat collars with a unique and ultra-chic design from the MAURICE pack, designed and manufactured in France.

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