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At MAURICE, we have chosen to combine design, elegance, quality, comfort and safety with at the heart of our daily concerns, the well-being and health of animals but also the preservation of their habitat. By working on a mindful and responsible development, manufacturing and consumption, we can minimize our impact on the environment every day and offer high-quality, chic and environmentally friendly accessories to all dogs and cats in the world.

We would be lying to you if we told you that it was a breeze, but what you need to remember is that it is possible.

eco-responsible dog collars

MAURICE designs and manufactures, in the Sarthe region of France, collars for dogs made of eco-responsible leathers derived from recycled food waste. For all our creations, we also like to use upcycled leathers: an inspiring ecological approach that allows us to create unique pieces. A 100% French responsible manufacturing based on recycled and upcycled materials purchased locally (90% of our materials is coming from France or Western Europe) in order to limit our carbon footprint and produce in a more mindful manner. 

Our leather dog collars are available in 6 sizes, in several colors and timeless prints that last through the seasons. Made in small quantities, the models and prints vary according to the seasons, our moods and our discoveries. Our pet accessories, all eco-responsible and chic, bring joy and style to all dogs and cats in the world, whether they live or walk in the city or in the countryside.

MAURICE was founded in 2022 by Sara Maingard in the city of Le Mans. The brand designs and manufactures responsible and chic products for all dogs, cats and their owners looking for authentic, stylish, high quality and planet friendly accessories without compromising on design. In the interest of a more intelligent consumption, all our products are designed to go with each other and last over time. With a minimalist urban yet chic style, dog collars from the MAURICE brand move forward over time as a safe and timeless value for the happiness of puppies, small and large dogs.

We are, above all, passionate about all animals and nature. We love beautiful things but we are fully aware that we need to change the way we make things, create and consume. We focus on quality, innovation, local craftsmanship, our available ressources for the happiness of a demanding clientele concerned about the well-being of their best 4-legged friend but also concerned about consuming differently and doing something better for the planet.


MAURICE dog collars are all handmade and reveal down to the smallest detail all the know-how of our luxury leather craftsmen. Authentic, elegant, very comfortable and robust, our dog collars guarantee safety and quality. Because the health of your dog is priceless, we make sure that there are no toxic chemical treatments used. All our dog collars are either made from 100% vegetable-tanned recycled leather – or lined with vegetable-tanned leather. 

– Our 100% vegetable-tanned leather dog collars: CANIS LUPUS, LYCAON PICTUS, PONGO

– Our luxury leather dog collars, lined with 100% vegetable-tanned leathers: GORILLA BERINGEI BERINGEI, URSUS MARITIMUS

We buy all our high-quality leathers in France. Our leathers all meet EU standards and they all mainly come from France or Western Europe. 

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Because your four-legged friend deserves the best, offer a French and luxury collar to your dog. By purchasing a MAURICE dog collar, you help boosting our local French industry and you take more care of the planet by adopting a more responsible and sustainable mode of consumption.

Buy a dog collar now and also discover the world of MAURICE and all our luxury accessories for dogs and cats. Buying a MAURICE pet accessory for your dog or cat is also the guarantee of buying an elegant and high-end French product. Looking for style inspiration? Check our dog robes!

Gorilla Beringei Beringei


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