Dog Accessories


Environmentally friendly and chic accessories

that bring joy and a unique style to all dogs in the world!

Because your dog is unique, because he is a full part of your family, he deserves nothing but the best. 

At MAURICE we design and manufacture locally high quality dog accessories. If you are a dog owner concerned about the quality of the products you buy for your pet, we are convinced that you will find what you are looking for at MAURICE.


All our dog accessories are handmade in small quantities in France. We also attach great importance to the quality and origin of the materials we use to create our dog collars, our dog leashes and our dog bow ties. Animal welfare, health, comfort and safety of our 4-legged friends are at the heart of our concerns, but not only. Protecting the planet, the habitat of animals, minimizing our daily impact on the environment remain essential points and it is for all these reasons that by buying a product from the MAURICE brand you are buying a more responsible product.

luxury accessories for small and big dogs

Eco-responsible accessories, yes, but chic accessories with a unique French style made of high-quality materials.Yes at MAURICE if the planet and the well-being of your doggie are essential points, we design and manufacture products with a unique design, ultra-chic and stylish based on premium leathers that we buy in France. All of our leathers are from food recycling and upcycled leathers. 

We choose timeless colors and prints throughout the seasons. Fall for a dog collar with a minimalist design like the MAURICE brand’s iconic collar in 100% vegetable-tanned leather for dogs CANIS LUPUS, or succumb to a more extravagant and even more stylish print by choosing the GORILLA BERINGEI BERINGEI collar. The OKAPIA JONSTONI dog strap collar is also a very special collar made of vegetal-tanned leather and 100% organic cotton braided strap. We offer 6 sizes o dog collars and a wide choice of colors reminiscent of the earth, the animal world and a little glitter! 

Because small dogs tend to be a little more sensitive we have developed specific leather collars for small dogs. Find the PONGO marine and vegetable leather dog collar, the LYCAON PICTUS vegetable-tanned leather dog collar or the URSUS MARITIMUS dog collars! 

If the leather dog collar is an essential part of MAURICE’s dog robe, we also create dog leashes, pouches for poop bags and bow ties for dogs. MAURICE is also a well-known brand for its anti-strangulation collars for cats in high-end and glittery leather. Discover the world of MAURICE



At the very beginning of the creation of the MAURICE brand, we were keen to choose product names that challenge and raise awareness. We therefore chose to give each of our products the scientific name of an endangered species whose situation is very critical. We also dedicate to each of these species a complete information page WE REALLY CARE which makes it possible to understand why and how these species in question are threatened. 

Discover our dog accessories: collars, leashes, bow ties, poop bags for all stylish and happy little and big dogs! Made in France with very high quality materials. 

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