Animals love music!

21 August 2022

Music has many beneficial effects on both the body and mind: it improves sleep, relaxation, and is a source of well-being and positive emotions. It can also help us overcome exertion or fatigue and plays a major role in creativity.

Dogs and cats live in an olfactory world, and hence have excellent hearing and a level of sensitivity, superior to that of human beings. Music calms them down and relaxes them, but not just any type of music.

Not just any music!

Several studies have shown that classical music has the greatest influence. It can have beneficial effects on both dogs and cats. In fact, it is sometimes played in the waiting rooms of veterinary clinics and animal shelters. Classical music leaves dogs calmer and less agitated…as well as their owners. Dogs are more likely to lie down and spend less time barking when classical music play.

Certain sounds are harsh on the ears of our four-legged friends! For example, this is the case of loud music, such as hard rock or heavy metal, which can cause your pet to become stressed and very nervous, even to the point of shaking.

Cats in particular enjoy long notes and low sounds, which are close to purring

Each animal is also different. Let’s take the case of Iggy, our French bulldog in all his splendor and ambassador of the MAURICE brand. Iggy is very sensitive to the sound of a pinball machine, which he immensely dislikes. Nonetheless, this same sound arouses the curiosity of another 4-legged member of the team, Pilgrim: Ragdoll x Sacred Cat of Burma, who always lies on the pinball machine when a game is being played. Iggy loves the piano, but also seems to enjoy soul, pop and hard rock, when played at a reasonable volume and always in the presence of his masters, often indulging in a small doggy dance!

Pay particular attention to volume

As hearing acuity in dogs and cats is much more developed than ours, it is important to remain very vigilant and keep the volume down. Exposure to loud sounds over a long period of time can have a negative effect as well as damage the eardrums and create lesions.

A little comfort during your absence

Going away? Many experts recommend leaving the TV or radio on to help your pet deal with your absence with less anxiety. In fact, there are TV channels and music specially designed for pets. That being said, the main source of a pet’s well-being is the presence of its owner and the time spent with him.

Our selection of music for cats & dogs

After listening to several albums, here are our two favorites for cats and dogs:  

  • Piano covers by Henry Smith “Dog Music: Relaxing Sounds for Dogs”
  • Music for cats by David Teie, cellist with the American National Symphony Orchestra. An album specially composed for cats that combines violin, purring, milk lapping, sucking and bird sounds.


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