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Loyal, faithful and extremely affectionate, dogs are man’s best friend. A dog is a lifelong companion who senses his master’s emotions, bringing happiness, while soothing and comforting him in moments of loneliness and sadness. All of these qualities make a dog a true member of the family, who deserves only the very best. MAURICE offers luxury dog accessories, including collars, leashes, bow ties and poop bag roll pouches, to allow man’s best friend to stand out and shine, and enjoy a royal life.

Luxury dog collars: a beautiful and practical accessory

MAURICE is a French brand specializing in luxury leather goods for dogs and cats. Our catalog includes a wide range of dog collars in leather and fabric, with something for everyone. From collars for French bulldogs to chihuahuas and bull terriers, discover our wide range of high-quality products that will bring a touch of elegance to your pet’s neck. Our luxury dog collars perfectly combine practicality with aesthetics. Just like a harness, a leather collar is an essential accessory when adopting a dog. For stress-free daily walks, simply combine one of our collars with one of our luxury dog leashes, as all Maurice products are designed to be mixed and matched.

To meet the needs of our customers and provide each dog with the opportunity of wearing a unique luxury collar, Maurice has developed a complete and diverse range. The choice of a high quality product is not only based on the model and design.  Sturdiness is a very important criterion. Our leather collars are the perfect solution, as they are both durable and resistant. The luxury leather dog collar can withstand the substantial force of even the largest dogs.

So, no matter what size dog you have, our luxury leather dog collar is an optimal choice. MAURICE offers high quality, comfortable and long-lasting leather dog collars at affordable prices. We favor slow fashion and quality over quantity, and each dog and cat accessory is fully unique and manufactured in small quantities.

Finest dog collars with a minimalist design and a French touch

Like the poop bag roll pouch and collar, Maurice’s  luxury dog leash is made from   environmentally friendly and pet-friendly materials. We only use leather derived from recycled food waste and upcycled leather that is given a second lease on life. Each high-end leather collar for dogs and cats is lined with vegetable-tanned leather for its hypoallergenic and innocuous qualities.  The luxury vegetable tanned leather dog collar boasts premium quality. It ages naturally and develops a beautiful patina over the years. Over time, this authentic and solid leather softens slightly to provide greater comfort to dogs. And there are no chemical substances in contact with the animal’s skin.

MAURICE offers a timeless and minimalist collection as well as a line of chic and trendy accessories. Our French brand’s first collection is composed of luxury leather pieces with a chic and minimalist style. We also offer more avant-garde and extravagant articles in premium leather for a more colorful collection of eye-catching models.

Collars, leashes, bow ties and pouches for dogs and cats are available in a variety of prints ranging from low-key and soft-toned hues to bolder and more extravagant colors. You can choose a more sophisticated style of collar in red, black, python or blue, for example, to add a touch of elegance and class to your dog or cat. Whether you prefer simplicity and discretion, or extravagance and color, you will find your favorite collar, leash, bow tie or pouch at a reasonable price at MAURICE, an affordable luxury brand… made in France! Several shipping options are available, allowing customers to choose the most suitable delivery time.

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