Handmade leather dog collars

Discover MAURICE’s handmade leather dog collars

Luxury craftsmanship made in France at an affordable price.


MAURICE, luxury craftsmanship know-how at the service of dogs, cats and their owners sensitive to quality, elegance, details and environment. Craftsmanship is a fundamental element in the design of each MAURICE luxury leather dog collar.

Luxury craftsmanship for dogs

MAURICE is a French new brand with an online boutique 100% dedicated to the world of high-end products for dogs and cats with the particularity of offering accessories entirely hand-crafted by skilled artisans with exceptional know-how in the city of Le Mans in France. Since 2022, the brand manufactures and sells environmentally friendly luxury accessories for pets made from high-quality leathers. The brand uses premium leathers made out of food waste but also uses upcycled leathers and vegetal-tanned leathers.

MAURICE places emphasis on French craftsmanship with ancestral and exceptional know-how and remains very attached to this manufacturing model. “A meticulousness and precision that we bring to each of our handcrafted dog collar, dog leash, dog bowtie and dog waste pouch”. Each handmade leather dog collar bears the ‘Made in France’ labelling to highlight the work carried out by our French artisans.

Handmade leather dog collar

MAURICE offers chic accessories for stylish dogs. The dog collections reflect an urban, timeless and minimalist design while the handmade brings an additional touch of authenticity to each product. Since the very beginning MAURICE has called on the talents of local craftsmen to manufacture unique pieces, favoring short circuits and noble materials. Unlike large productions and fast-fashion, we have chosen local artisans in order to sustainably adopt a more responsible and sustainable fashion and way of producing, consuming and enjoying life.

Behind the design of a leather dog collar, there is of course an idea, a desire  and the choice of materials: leather, buckles, fabrics, elastics.Which leather? Which color and print ? Which buckle? What story do we tell?Because yes, each MAURICE product tells a little story. 

We then choose with the greatest care and attention high quality leathers made from the waste of the food industry only. We do not buy leathers coming from farms. We buy upcycled leathers as well from luxurious houses which were originally intended for a completely different use. The carbon footprint of each product is also at the heart of our concerns and our leathers are all purchased in France and come mainly from France and Western Europe. They all meet French quality standards. Our buckles are all made of ultra-resistant brass and they age nicely over time without losing their beauty. Our buckles are all made in France, Belgium or Italy.  

Once all these pretty materials are selected, it’s time for our leather craftsmen to highlight our ideas and glorify the quality of the selected materials. Because man’s best friend deserves the best, MAURICE has thought of everything: design, quality but not only that…comfort, health and safety are essential criteria. Our dog accessories are designed and manufactured to last for many years and withstand the strength of even the largest dogs. Whether you are looking for authenticity, minimalism, French quality and elegance or responsible purchasing you will find what you are looking for at MAURICE.

Handmade leather dog collar

We told you everything about what’s behind MAURICE. Discover our luxury handcrafted creations with a timeless and unique style on our chic dog boutique www.my-maurice.com and pamper your dog with a luxury leather collar for dog made in France. Multiple styles, colors, prints and sizes available. 

MAURICE also offers other luxurious handmade dog accessories that go perfectly with each dog collar: find our leather leashes, multiposition dog leashes, bow ties and waste bag dispenser on www.my-maurice.com.

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