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Walking your dog is a fundamental need







Going for a walk with your best 4-legged friend meets your dog’s fundamental needs for discovery, exploration and stimulation, whether physical or mental.

Taking your dog for a walk is also a way of looking after your mutual health, and an opportunity to work on his education and the relationship between him, you and fellow dogs.


So when you take your dog for a walk, you need a leash! The leash is an essential canine accessory.

While some dogs are more docile than others and respond easily to commands from their owners, in the city, danger is omnipresent around every corner (cars, scooters, other dogs, roadworks, etc.) and it’s obviously preferable to keep your dog on a leash for safety’s sake, to avoid unpleasant surprises and accidents.

No one is supposed to ignore the law. There is no law today that makes it compulsory to keep your dog on a leash in France. However, every municipality in France is free to decide whether or not animals should be kept on a leash. This decision is made by each mayor. Walking your dog without a leash in an area where you are required to do so is now an offence that can cost dog owners up to €33.

As you can see, when you’re the proud owner of a small or large dog, it’s best to be equipped with a leash…


But which dog leash to choose?

There are many different types of leashes available today, and at MAURICE we’ve chosen to develop and manufacture high-quality, robust and stylish leashes in recycled leather made in France close by the famous circuit of the 24 hours of Le Mans.

MAURICE offers two types of top-of-the-range leather leashes for dogs: the single-position leash and the multi-position leash.



Heavy-duty, comfortable and chic, the Dugong Dugon leather dog leash is the ideal 1,20 m length for city walks, but also for training small and large dogs. This ideal length lets you give your dog a certain amount of freedom while keeping him close to you.

This sturdy leather dog leash is perfect for owners looking for minimalism, authenticity and sobriety. Durable and reliable, this premium leather dog leash is entirely handcrafted locally by our leather craftsman with his unique know-how and excellence.

For our leashes, as for all the dog accessories we manufacture, we take great care to choose high-quality leathers made from recycled food industry waste. 90% of the leathers available on the market today contain chromium, a highly polluting and harmful substance. At MAURICE, we have therefore chosen chrome-free, 100% vegetable-tanned leathers from France and Western Europe, for the health and well-being of our 4-legged friends and their owners. Set with gold-plated brass rivets, each Dugong Dugon leash is adorned with a snap hook and a ring, and stands up to the force of the strongest dogs.

Discover the Dugong Dugon dog leash by MAURICE!

This leash is also available in the Canis Lupus dog collar + lead kit. This kit allows you to benefit from a special price on the collar and leash. Discover the Canis Lupus dog collar + lead walking kit!



The Rhinoceros Sondaicus multi-position leather dog leash is also a perfect leash for walks in town or in the park, giving you and your dog XXL freedom! In the same spirit and timeless style, this large 2.60 m 100% vegetable-tanned leather dog leash features different attachment points to give your dog the distance you want.

Sturdy, soft and ultra-stylish, this top-of-the-range leather dog leash is a convertible leash that can be worn as a shoulder strap, allowing you to go on adventures hands-free. If you’re a fan of minimalist, authentic and timeless walks, this is the leash for you!

Discover now the Rhinoceros Sondaicus multi-position leash and all our other responsible dog accessories (dog collars, dog bow ties, poop bag dispenser, etc.).

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MAURICE is a brand-new, responsible and chic French brand that brings joy and unique style to dogs and cats all over the world! All our products bear the scientific name of an endangered species whose situation is of great concern. Discover the MAURICE world and our page on endangered species here.

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