Dog and bow tie: a magical duo!

23 October 2022

Bow tie for dogs, a very French touch of elegance

The bow tie is the inseparable fashion accessory of the tuxedo that brings this little touch of unique elegance. It is the French couturier Pierre Lorillard who would have created the bow tie in 1886 when he was looking to revisit the long tie to accompany the legendary tail coat that he had just transformed into a tuxedo. Many other origins have been attributed to it but we will stay on this one simply because we like it…we are French first and foremost.

Since then, the bow tie has gone through time, eras, has become more democratic to the point of inviting itself into the dressing room of the fairer sex. Today, it is in the Dogrobe MAURICE that it occupies a place in its own right.

An essential of the dogrobe MAURICE

At MAURICE we believe that the bow tie and the dog form an implacable pair of seduction. At first glance, the bow tie for dogs is a small, elegant fashion accessory that can be found in the Dogrobe MAURICE in different prints: classy, ​​it brings style to your dog, it glorifies a collar and dresses up every coat with some grace. But not that…we have discovered that wearing this must-have fashion accessory today has almost magical powers…

A chic bow tie for a cute dog: a magical duo

Our brand ambassador Iggy, French bulldog in all his splendor, has tested for you and he confirms that the welcome he receives wherever he goes, every time he is accompanied by his MAURICE dog bow tie , is unique and worthy of the welcome usually reserved for VIPs.

The dog & bow tie duo works wonderfully and pours countless smiles, tenderness, caresses, inspiration and so much happiness in its path. He sometimes even manages to relax and soften the most suspicious people of the presence of a dog, especially in a public place. A seductive accessory that you will now see differently. To try it is to adopt it !

Bow ties for dogs made in France

MAURICE offers a dog bow tie that goes perfectly with all of the brand’s dog collars, Canis Lupus and and Gorilla Beringei Beringei. Each knot is entirely handmade in small quantities in France. We attach great importance to the quality of our fabrics, where they come from and we choose them with the greatest care.

The MAURICE brand Loxodonta Africana bow tie is a cotton padded, soft, ultra light, solid and ultra comfortable bow tie that easily slips or attaches to your dog’s collar with a press stud. It’s available in 5 prints and can be worn all year round! It is suitable for all dogs, small and large. For a dressier style and a dandy look, we recommend the Danaus Plexippus dog bow tie. This super chic nubuck bow tie, with an ultra soft touch, is part of the brand’s line of timeless, comfortable and elegant creations.

Dress up your 4-legged friend with a MAURICE dog bow tie for a simple outing or for a special occasion and above all get ready to leave a lot of animal tenderness in your path! Plan a little time in front of you because we promise you very nice encounters.

To each his knot, to each his style.

Dog & Cat Urban Brand Made in France


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