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Great, the family’s getting bigger! Your puppy’s arrived, and there’s a lot to look forward to. But we can’t stress this enough: a pet is not a toy, and its arrival, like that of a new family member, requires preparation. 

Like you, your puppy needs security, space, a calm and secure area dedicated to him, a suitable diet, treats, toys and a basket, as well as quality accessories: leashes, collars, harnesses, coats, and so on.

There are many puppy accessories on the market today. Collars and leashes are among the must-have accessories. But which puppy collar should you choose? What type of leash in what material? At MAURICE, we design and manufacture all our top-of-the-range puppy accessories locally, in a small workshop in Le Mans in the Sarthe department close by the mythic circuit of the 24 hours of Le Mans.

Discover our selection of premium accessories for MAURICE puppies!

Leather collar for puppies: an essential and basic accessory

A dog is considered a puppy up to 18 months of age, depending on breed and size. The very first accessory needed is the puppy collar. 

The puppy collar has several functions. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the puppy collar is a very practical accessory that enables you to identify your puppy very quickly if he runs away, or to catch him more easily if he escapes from you. The puppy collar also enables you to start training your puppy outdoors together, with the leash of your choice, which you naturally hook onto a small snap hook. 

Note that the earlier you get your puppy used to wearing a collar, the more easily he’ll tolerate it.

Once your puppy has reached adult size, you can consider using a harness as a complement. A harness provides better support and avoids pressure on the neck, but it’s advisable to wait until your puppy has finished growing so as not to weaken his skeleton. 


There are different types of puppy collars: nylon or neoprene collars, biothane collars and leather collars. While nylon has the advantage of being economical and biothane waterproof, leather puppy collars are by far the most stylish and robust. Much more resistant and durable, the leather puppy collar is also very comfortable and won’t irritate your puppy’s neck. 

Leather quality plays a major role. MAURICE leather puppy collars are designed to meet the needs of all dogs from their earliest years. Made from top-quality leathers, they accompany your dog throughout its growth. Our collars are made from top-of-the-range 100% vegetable-tanned leathers from France and Western Europe. Free from toxic chemicals, vegetable tanning ages very well, giving each collar a unique, authentic and natural look. Vegetable-tanned leather confers a unique, natural and very chic charm. 

Adjustable, MAURICE puppy collars are available in six sizes. 

See our collection of puppy collars here. We advise you to measure your puppy’s neck size before choosing your collar. If you’re not sure, take the next size up and consult our size guide.



LYCAON PICTUS is a small urban collar in 100% vegetable-tanned leather, perfect for puppies and small dogs alike. With its simplicity and softness, this puppy collar presents comfort and naturalness as the keys to true canine elegance. 2 colors and one size XXS for neck sizes from 21 to 26 cm.

For a more sophisticated look, PONGO is a highly original creation in 100% vegetable-tanned french fish leather for small dogs with character looking for modernity, style, color and originality. 3 colors and one size XXS for neck sizes from 21 to 26 cm.

URSUS MARITIMUS stands out for its elegance. This haute couture leather collar with its chic, bold print is ideal for puppies and small dogs looking for style and adventure. 5 timeless, bright colors available in a single XXS size for neck sizes from 21 to 26 cm.

CANIS LUPUS is the emblematic collar of the MAURICE brand. In sober, robust leather, it’s perfect for puppies and small dogs looking for minimalism, authenticity and discretion. Elegant with its small seams, this puppy collar is available in 4 colors and 5 sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL. Sizes XS, S and M are ideal for medium and large breed puppies.

GORILLA BERINGEI BERINGEI is a collar for all avant-garde small dogs and puppies in search of modernity. Comfortable to wear, it’s easy to tame and brings a singular touch, light and energy to every coat. 

“Did you know that the french word for puppy « chiot » means little dog in latin?



Once your puppy’s vaccinations are up to date, you can introduce him to the outside world as early as two months of age. To avoid your puppy becoming aggressive, shy or messy, socialization should take place during his socialization period, i.e. before he is four months old. The very first walks are special moments shared with your new best friend. They are an opportunity for every owner to start implementing a few training rules.

A puppy needs to go out several times a day to relieve himself. To accompany your outings, MAURICE has designed two types of leashes for puppies: the simple leash and the multi-position leash.

DUGONG DUGON is a sober, robust 1.25 m vegetable-tanned leather leash available in 3 colors. This leash size is ideal for starting out and keeping your puppy close without imprisoning him. The Dugong Dugon leather puppy leash is the perfect accessory for teaching your puppy to walk properly without pulling.

This leash goes perfectly with the collar of your choice. Choose a total look with the Canis Lupus or Lycaon Pictus collar, or a mismatched style with the Ursus Maritimus, Pongo or Gorilla Beringei Beringei collars. 

All our creations are designed to go with each other. 

The large, multifunctional RHINOCEROS SONDAICUS leash can also accompany your best friend on walks around town or in the country. This practical leash lets you control the length you give your puppy by changing the position of the snap hook. With a shoulder strap, this leash keeps your hands free. Made from vegetable-tanned leather, this leash is soft, chic and sturdy, so you can walk your puppy in complete peace and security.

Discover as well our collar and leash kits for short and long walks with friends.


MAURICE is a brand-new French responsible and chic brand that brings joy and unique style to dogs and cats all over the world. High-end accessories, all designed and made locally in France from selective materials.

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