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Maurice is a young French brand that designs and manufactures high-end accessories for dogs and cats. The “must-have” leather collars and leather leashes are some of the brand’s flagship products. The company also provides leather collars for cats, bow ties for dogs and pouches for poop bag rolls. Small collections and limited editions: luxury goods made in France and sold at very affordable prices!

An eco-responsible approach and entirely made in France

Manufacturing our products in France? Yes!  But, with a focus on high quality and comfort, while paying particular attention to detail. Maurice has set the following goals: to manufacture its goods locally in optimal conditions and small quantities, to use premium raw materials in line with ethical and social standards, to promote local employment and to respect the environment by favoring short supply channels. All collars, leashes, bow ties, and small pouches are designed, manufactured, assembled and packaged in France. Each piece is handmade by leather craftsmen with traditional and exceptional expertise.

Leather derived from recycled food waste and upcycled leather

All products are made from recycled food waste and/or upcycled leather from the major French fashion houses. Upcycling leather gives discarded leather offcuts, which were intended for a completely different purpose, a second lease on life. It hence adds value to dormant stocks of unused materials from major brands. The use of upcycled leather allows us to offer unique, high-quality creations in limited series. Our leather comes from France and Western Europe.

 There is very little waste at Maurice, as all scraps are kept and reused. We place priority on customer satisfaction and regularly create small gifts for clients from our leather offcuts. An environmentally friendly approach and focus on customer satisfaction are the values that are very dear to us.

Products for dogs and cats made from vegetable-tanned leather

The inside of all of our leather collars for dogs and cats is made from vegetable-tanned leather. Vegetable tanning guarantees that no chemicals are used. This process is healthier for our planet, the environment and our pets.

Canis Lupus, made entirely of vegetable tanned leather, is the brand’s emblematic dog collar. There is also a version for cats, Panthera Tigris, which is equipped with an anti-strangulation band in organic elastic. The  Dugong Dugong and Rhinoceros Sondaicus leashes are also made from vegetable-tanned leather.

All of the brand’s products are designed to be mixed and matched. Find our fashion inspiration boards in DOG ROBE.



Each product is given the scientific name of an animal whose situation deserves our full attention. Raising public awareness is the very first step that the Maurice brand has taken towards protecting endangered animals. The brand aims at rapidly becoming involved in the field as it develops.

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