Walks, a vital moment in a dog’s life!

Walks, a vital moment in a dog’s life!

Dogs have a sense of smell that is 35 times more developed than that of humans. They live in an olfactory world, which is why a dog spends his time with his nose to the ground. Yes, you have it!  Garden or no garden, walks are crucial for all dogs. A walk is an...

The New Kid In Town

The New Kid In Town

Founded at the end of 2020, Maurice is a young brand that manufactures and distributes small, high-end accessories for dogs and cats.
In spring 2022 Maurice unveiled its very first products, its choice of materials and its brand identity on social networks as a teaser before the official launch of its e-commerce site in July 2022.

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Find all the latest news about MAURICE, practical advices, dog&cat fashion articles,  the latest news on The World of Animals and endangered species.

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